Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday 10/7 - Mast Step

Arrived late at the boat yard to take the arch off and prepare for taking the mast down. Phone calls and emails kept me at the computer until about 11 am so I didn't make it out to the boatyard until about noon. I had to go by the office to pay for the mast step and then got started on removing the arch. The plan was simple, undo the 16 bolts that hold the arch on and place it in the cockpit and secure it for transport. I called Emilio to give me a hand as he helped me put it on over a year ago. I remember the installation being difficult but never imagined how difficult taking it off would be. I had 4 of the bolts off when Emilio arrived and he began working on the other side. The mast step was scheduled for 2 but Stumpy worked with us and was at the boat about 4, less than 5 min after Emilio and I finished getting the arch in the cockpit. The mast step went well and Don Taylor, with Somebody Else Marine, showed up as the mast was coming down to assist with running the new radar cable and VHF Antennas. By the time I left, it was after 6pm and I was exhausted.
Emilio was an immense help and I can not thank him enough as there was no way to have gotten it done, and done in time without him.
Today, Thursday will be spent further securing the arch in the cockpit, assisting Don with running the wires and cleaning the interior. It will be a short day as I have to head into Atlanta by 1 for an appointment. In the middle of all of this, We are moving out of the house and into a midtown apartment. Hectic doesn't begin to describe things.


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