Tuesday, June 5, 2012

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All is well.

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Friday, June 1, 2012

June 1, 2012 - Status Update

Things continue to be busy with different projects.  I am slowly getting the RV outfitted the way I want to and need about 3 full days of concentrated effort for it to be ready to go.  Beth's car is almost ready to be attached and officially become a TOAD.  I have been robbing parts off her old X-90 to make her new X-90 better and fully equipped.  Leon and I worked on his pontoon boat last week and got most things done, at least done enough to take the family out to Blue Ridge Lake for Memorial Day and celebrate my birthday.

Beth continues to organize and plan for our first RV outing but without a departure date, its kind of tough to plan.  My ex business partner has been causing some stress so I am unsure of additional funding for the RV trip so it may be delayed. 

My sister and family are coming to Blue Ridge for their getaway vacation next week so we will try to spend time with them and enjoy this area.  The Sisson family reunion ( Brenda's side of the family ) is next Sunday so that should be fun.

We have planned one last "vacation" for our 3rd wedding anniversary and depending on the situation, we may depart for points north sometime after the 4th of July.  Hopefully I can complete the highest priority projects before we leave for our vacation/celebration.    Next update, July 1.