Sunday, December 12, 2010

Saturday - December 11

Well the NOAA weather forecasters were wrong on Friday.  Again woke up to cold overcast weather but this time it was also raining.  Discovered a loose fitting on the starboard hatch, devised a solution to the head back flow issue.  The NOAA weather site showed the small craft advisory had been extended and with the cold and rain, we decided to pack up and head for Atlanta.  We left about noon and the drive was boring as usual but uneventful.  As the boat is ready to go, the only tasks left are either deck work or little things, we will wait for a better forecast before heading back to Savannah.


Friday - December 10

Woke up to a cold overcast morning.  Beth and I spent the day relaxing on the boat getting little done.  The plan was to take it out, get fuel and head up to Hilton Head.  The NOAA had a small craft advisory posted for the area so we decided against it for the better forecast weather on Saturday.  We finished the little details of getting the boat ready to go and relaxed the day away.


Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday - December 9

Finally a productive day.  Things just seemed to fall into place as I finished the AIS antenna's and finally put the covers back on the mast wiring.  It was still quite cold but I managed to get the main starter battery replaced and get the genoa sheets put on.  The battery was 2004 vintage and was showing its age.  I think 6 years out of a marine battery is pretty good.  I also got the new switches for the deck lights installed as well as connecting all of the deck lights, a project left over from moving the boat.  I believe the boat is back to the condition or better than when it left Lake Lanier.  It is again ready to sail.  Beth and the dogs joined me about 8 and we went to Carey Hillards for dinner.  The food was good although the selection was a bit interesting. 
I can't think of any reason not to take her out sailing tomorrow other than the small craft advisory that is forecast.
I guess we wait and see.


Thursday, December 9, 2010

Wednesday - December 8

A cold day at the dock.  It did warm up later in the day to a whopping 50 but still chilly with the wind.  I felt like I was taking one step forward and two back for everything I tried to get fixed.  The battery monitor did not work correctly so that got sent back to the company for a refund.  Still have to find one that works right.  My attempt at fixing the antennas was a failure.  The connectors seem to be a bad bunch as they don't work quite right so off to West Marine for some new connectors.  Went grocery shopping for necessities and spent a quiet night on the boat.  Will work on the antenna's and other projects tomorrow.  Beth will be joining me and I am looking forward to that .


Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Tuesday - December 7

The drive down to Savannah from Atlanta is a long boring drive.  Got a late start taking care of finances for the upcoming journey and with that done, we are one step closer to departure.  The temperatures in Georgia have been below freezing at night for about a week and that made for a very cold boat when I arrived.  The heat on the boat works but it took it awhile to warm up.  By the time it did, it was time for bed.  The main berth is forward and between the hulls so the bottom of the bed is just  a couple of inches away from the outside air so even with the interior temperature reasonable, the bed was quite cold. 

Tomorrow I hope to get the new battery monitoring system installed as well as replace the baby stay turnbuckle and AIS antennas.