Friday, August 3, 2012

August Update

Most of July was spent job hunting.  Not exactly what you would expect of a couple about to go traversing across the country in a RV.  Unfortunately, my previous business partner ( Norm Bumbieris ) has managed to screw up TicketPro Systems to the point of failure and because I was a nice guy and took my payout on a time basis, I don't get paid because he put the company into the toilet and there is no money.  While I pursue legal retribution, I feel that I will only get a judgement against him which is essentially useless.  You can't get something from someone who has nothing.  The bad thing is that he also managed to royally screw over Willie and the customer base that was built over 20 years. 

While this is extremely depressing news and major disappointment in someone who was considered a friend, all is not as hopeless as it seems.  I have a few irons in the fire and hopefully one will pan out.

Feel free to harass Norm on my behalf since he won't answer my emails or phone calls.

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