Sunday, October 31, 2010

Sunday, 10/31/10 - Happy Halloween !!

Not really boat related but a step was taken today that gets us one step closer to our goal. My truck has been sold !!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Friday 10/22

Well the week has been spent moving from the house to the apartment in Midtown Atlanta.
Wow, I really hate moving. All the big furniture went to Brenda, Beth's Mom and the rest to the apartment. Its about a 100 mile round trip from the apartment to the house. Parts were ordered for the boat and should arrive by the middle of next week.
I don't know when the next trip to Savannah will be but I am looking forward to it.


Friday 10/15

Up early and working on the boat. I let Beth sleep in a bit while I got things organized. I wanted to leave by noon. I managed to get everything secured and in place when I discovered a leak in the port hull. Apparently sea water was coming back in through the head. I closed all the thru-hulls and cleaned up the water. Beth and the puppies joined me on the boat around 9am. We got things ship shape and organized and enjoyed meeting people on the dock as they came out for the weekend. The dogs loved being on the boat and relaxed on deck as Beth and I worked. We left Savannah about 4 and headed home with a list of parts to order and not looking forward to the drive nor the move that had to happen over the next week.


Thursday 10/14

The boat was scheduled to have the mast put back on at 11 am but they were waiting on me to finish mounting the radome and halyards. The crew at Sail Harbor worked with us to make sure everything was right. The mast stepping was no easy task with all the wires and lines but it went pretty smoothly.

Once the mast was secured, it was time to splash the boat.

Second Chance gets in the salt water.

Now it was time for me to attempt to start the motor, move away and dock the boat. Sail Harbor is mostly side ties so it would be interesting. The wind was a good 10 knots and the current was pretty strong too.

We powered off the straps and headed into the river. One of the guys from Sail Harbor was aboard to help me get it off the straps and to the dock.

Second Chance's new home.

More work to be done but Beth, myself and the babies were happy to be in the water.

We again, worked until dark getting things in order then retired to the camper.


Wednesday, 10/13

Up early this morning to meet Ken and finish the final leg of this trip, On to Savannah.

The trees are low in Savannah and I was glad I had spent the time to take the arch off, it would never have made it. Beth and I drove behind the trailer to keep other cars from trying to pass.

Once we get through the narrow streets and low trees downtown, we head for the coast.

Our arrival at Sail Harbor Marina was expected and Ken backed the trailer through the obstacle course to get the trailer to the boat lift. He made it look easy.

The the crew at Sail Harbor gently lifted the boat from the trailer and put it on stands, right in the middle of the driveway.

Cocoa and Katie were as excited as we were.

Then it was time to get to work. The Arch had to be reinstalled and all the accessories. Beth and I worked until dark, then ordered Pizza Hut and enjoyed it with the dogs in the camper.


Tuesday 10/12

Well today is the day. I met Ken Andrews with First Choice Marine Transport at 8 am sharp. He was already at the boat yard getting the trailer ready for the boat.

Stumpy showed up at 8:30, a bit early for him but I asked him for the favor. The mast and boom were loaded on the trailer, followed by the boat. Ken spent a lot of time making sure it was loaded properly and strapped down for the ride.

Once he was satisfied, it was time to leave.

The permit had not been faxed to Aqualand but Ken was good to go, so we headed toward Savannah. He said we would get the permit at a truck stop, just before the weigh station.

Hitting the interstate !! Now we are on the way !

We went I985 to I85 to I285 to I675 to I75 where we stopped at a truck stop to fuel up, have lunch and await the paperwork from the State. A phone call to the State said the permit was next in line and they would fax it there. This was about 11:30am. After several calls, the permit finally showed up about 4:15. This meant we would not make it to Savannah today and get the boat off the truck. Beth, Catie and Cocoa joined us about 4 and we all headed toward Savannah. It started getting dark and Ken informed us that an oversize load couldn't run after dark so it was time to park it for the night. He settled into another truck stop just before the weigh station near Pembroke, GA and Beth and I took the camper to a nearby campground and spent the night.

Monday 10/11/10 Final Preparations

Today is when everything has to be done, Ken Andrews with First Choice Marine Transport will be here first thing in the morning. Everything is pretty much ready to go, I just wanted to make sure everything was secured and ready.

Short boat day, have to get the camper ready to go also.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Saturday 10/9 More Preparations

Finished washing the boat and touching up the bottom paint. I have decided it is good for at least another year, maybe two. We will see what the salt atmosphere does to it and make that decision. The paint that was put on it for the last bottom job was for salt water in anticipation of moving the boat. The boat didn't get moved but the paint still looked good. All that is left to do is a final cleaning and securing on the interior and its ready for the truck. Ashley is putting a coat of wax on the hull below the rub rail tomorrow so it should look great going down the road.

Tomorrow will be a house moving day with one trip up to Ellijay and a couple to midtown to put stuff in the apartment. Still lots to get done in a short time.


Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday - 10/8 More Preparations

Managed to get out to the boatyard early and got the interior cleaned up and almost ready to go when Don showed up to finish the Radardome mount and mast work. We got the new cables in for the 2 new VHF antennas and the dome cable then wrapped the mast up for shipping. That was about 1 pm and I took a much deserved break. Got back to it after a light lunch and started on the cleaning of the hull. Wow, all I can say is that Poliglo really sucks. That stuff is almost impossible to remove and turns yellow/brown and is just awful. I got most of the starboard hull done and will be back on it tomorrow. Sunday is moving day but will make a visit as our good friend Ashley with Onsite Shine is doing us a huge favor and waxing the hull from the rub rail down.

The boat is scheduled to be loaded Tuesday morning and should be in Savannah by Tuesday evening.

More to come.

Thursday - 10/8

Got things tidied up a little and then Don showed up to work on the mast wiring. We got the radar mount mounted and I had to leave for my appointment in Atlanta.
Went by the new apartment and dropped off a few things. It wasn't the most productive day but little things got done.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Wednesday 10/7 - Mast Step

Arrived late at the boat yard to take the arch off and prepare for taking the mast down. Phone calls and emails kept me at the computer until about 11 am so I didn't make it out to the boatyard until about noon. I had to go by the office to pay for the mast step and then got started on removing the arch. The plan was simple, undo the 16 bolts that hold the arch on and place it in the cockpit and secure it for transport. I called Emilio to give me a hand as he helped me put it on over a year ago. I remember the installation being difficult but never imagined how difficult taking it off would be. I had 4 of the bolts off when Emilio arrived and he began working on the other side. The mast step was scheduled for 2 but Stumpy worked with us and was at the boat about 4, less than 5 min after Emilio and I finished getting the arch in the cockpit. The mast step went well and Don Taylor, with Somebody Else Marine, showed up as the mast was coming down to assist with running the new radar cable and VHF Antennas. By the time I left, it was after 6pm and I was exhausted.
Emilio was an immense help and I can not thank him enough as there was no way to have gotten it done, and done in time without him.
Today, Thursday will be spent further securing the arch in the cockpit, assisting Don with running the wires and cleaning the interior. It will be a short day as I have to head into Atlanta by 1 for an appointment. In the middle of all of this, We are moving out of the house and into a midtown apartment. Hectic doesn't begin to describe things.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tuesday 10/5 - Preparations

Busy day at the boatyard. I started about 10 am and got all the accessories off the arch, cleaned out the lockers and the starboard side of the boat. Beth joined me around 3 and we got the anchor chain marked in 10ft increments with fluorescent paint, got the main sail and boom off as well as getting the genoa down and stowed. The mast comes down tomorrow and then the cleanup of the boat begins ( again ). If there is time, I want to get the hull really cleaned and polished as well as touching up the bottom paint. The list is almost down to stuff to do in Savannah and it will be by the time it leaves on Tuesday morning.


Sunday, October 3, 2010

Work Day, Saturday 10/2

An early start made working on the boat nice as the temperatures were in the high 50's and only got up to the mid 70's. I got the oil changed on both the outboard and the generator as well as draining the carbs and greasing the Honda. I noticed the Honda wasn't quite plumb so after loosening everything, I managed to get it within 1/8 inch of plumb. I don't know if this will have any effect on overall performance but it looks better and couldn't hurt. I removed all the external gas tanks and the propane tanks in preparations for trucking the boat. I managed to get several things done on the list and Sunday will be an off day as we travel to Ellijay for Daniel's birthday.
There is still alot to be done but I think it could be ready to truck by next weekend.
Unfortunately a few details have popped up at the house that must be taken care of so hopefully they can be accomplished early on Monday and I can get back to the boat.


Friday, October 1, 2010

Boat out of the lake.

Leaving Holiday Marina for the Last Time.

Second Chance is sitting on stands in the Aqualand boatyard. The last trip across the lake was peaceful and a little sad. Second Chance has been on Lanier for over 9 years and I feel like it is ready to play in the blue water. The haul out was uneventful and Stumpy, the Aqualand Yard Master, handled her with kid gloves. The pressure wash almost wasn't needed but was nice to get the lake scum off the bottom. The bottom was in excellent shape and didn't have the array of blisters it did the last time I hauled it out. We just need to touch up a few places and it will be ready for salt water.

I managed to get temporary power on so I could run the fans and the tv ( at least until the arch gets taken down ). I got the batteries rewired and installed a new 12V bus on the starboard side for all the added equipment like the AIS, Radar, and SSB. I also go the new tempering valve installed on the shower. Thanks for the GREAT idea Stu. Finally a shower that you don't have to jump in and out of because of the temperature fluctuations. I hope to get all the little jobs that remain this week and decommission it next week, hopefully on to Savannah by the 15th.


Friday - Boat Leaving 6 dock

Well the day has come for Second Chance to leave 6 dock on the first step to our cruising plans. I am a bit excited and apprehensive. I will head out shortly and make the final preparations and head over to Aqualand for my 1pm appointment.
I will post later today with pictures and a report.