Thursday, December 13, 2012

One Year Update

Well it has been one year today since we landed back in Georgia from our Caribbean cruise.  Neither of us anticipated staying in one place this long but apparently the powers of the universe thought it necessary.  Ellijay is a very nice small town, the people are friendly and welcoming.  I have spent a good part of the past year working on various projects with Leon, Beth's father and pursuing other varied interests. None of the varied interests generated any income and since Norm has well and truly screwed TicketPro, Willie and me, I find myself seeking gainful employment.  I must say the job market is really tough as an over qualified, almost 50 person seeks work.  With the re-election of Obama, it seems that it will only be getting worse. One of the exciting things we did this fall was working with Leon and Brenda in their concession trailer.  We worked 5 festivals including the annual Ellijay Apple Festival.  It was alot of fun and I learned quite a bit, mainly things not to do with hot oil.  I kept up the Casey "farm" over the summer and grew pumpkins that I sold around town and at the festivals.  The good part of that was that I made about a 2000% return on my investment on the pumpkins, the bad part was that I rolled the tractor into a ditch which cost several hundred dollars to put back together and get running again.  Luckily I was just bruised from the rollover and the biggest injury was to my pride.

Yep, I was under that.  Went down with the ship so to speak.

Beth took some additional classes pertaining to her accounting degree specializing in taxes and already has a job lined up after Christmas preparing taxes for Liberty Tax Services in Blue Ridge and Ellijay.  She had surgery to fix an "female issue" on Dec 6 and is currently resting and recuperating at home.

The RV remains parked but well maintained.  I visit it regularly and keep adding little things that will make it better for when we do get to actually use it.

We miss our sailing friends in Mexico and Guatemala and hope to head that way one day soon but that will have to wait until I can sort out the mess that Norm has gotten me into as well as take some time to refill the kitty so we can travel again.

I also wanted to update everyone before 12/21/12 just in case.  While we were in Mexico I attempted to do my own research and found this doomsday prophecy to be nothing more than the end of a cycle, I figured it couldn't hurt to go ahead and post now.  The blog will be updated from time to time, at least quarterly, until we do start adventuring again.  To make sure you do know when we are on the move, or there is a new post, be sure to become a follower by clicking the link at the top right of the blog.

As always we wish the best for everyone and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all !!!