Friday, December 10, 2010

Thursday - December 9

Finally a productive day.  Things just seemed to fall into place as I finished the AIS antenna's and finally put the covers back on the mast wiring.  It was still quite cold but I managed to get the main starter battery replaced and get the genoa sheets put on.  The battery was 2004 vintage and was showing its age.  I think 6 years out of a marine battery is pretty good.  I also got the new switches for the deck lights installed as well as connecting all of the deck lights, a project left over from moving the boat.  I believe the boat is back to the condition or better than when it left Lake Lanier.  It is again ready to sail.  Beth and the dogs joined me about 8 and we went to Carey Hillards for dinner.  The food was good although the selection was a bit interesting. 
I can't think of any reason not to take her out sailing tomorrow other than the small craft advisory that is forecast.
I guess we wait and see.


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