Wednesday, July 4, 2012

July 4, 2012 - Status Update

First let me start by wishing everyone a Happy and Safe 4th of July !!

We spent much of June working on little projects with the RV, Leon and Brenda's projects and planning on getting going on our next adventure.

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary by taking a cruise to the Bahamas on Carnival Cruise lines.  We drove down to Port Canaveral and departed on the 28th for our four day cruise.  Upon boarding, we were greeted with "Happy Anniversary" decorations and a great fruit/cheese/wine basket sent by my sister and family.  The cruise was enjoyable but so far removed from actual sailing the fact that we were on water wasn't even a factor.  The "veteran" cruisers have no idea what actual cruising is.  The food was good, plentiful and always available and there were always servers running around ready to take your drink order.  The ship entertainment crew always has something going on so there was always something going on.  The two comics that were aboard were Lewis Nixon and Mark Simmons and they were great !  We visited Nassau and took a great tour by one of the locals, Felton, who gave us an excellent tour of the island along with a through history.  If you ever find yourself in Nassau, don't book your tour through the cruise line, walk outside where the deals are better and if you really luck out and find Felton, you will be in for a treat.

Each day our room steward would make us a towel animal

We missed taking the picture of the walrus :(
Cabin Decorations
Gift Basket for our Anniversary
Heading to the megaresort - Atlantis

Waterfall at Atlantis

Statue at Atlantis

Atlantis, Mega resort and Casino on Nassua

at Atlantis

The Queen's Staircase 
We were allowed to walk down and thankfully, we didn't have to walk back up

Nassau Watertower, the highest point on the island

Our tour guide, Felton

In the surf at Nassau

Dock at Nassau
Aboard ship, Beth and I took advantage of all the amenities and spent time in the pool, hot tub and even went down the funship slide and followed it up with a round of mini golf.  The crew aboard does a great job to take care of all the guests and our trip was very enjoyable.  I can recommend a cruise for a good escape vacation but not as a lifestyle.  We learned a few valuable lessons about "commercial" cruising especially about getting alcohol onboard, other than that, it was a nice vacation.

Back at home, we helped Leon and Brenda with the Sparks in the Park festival which was fun until it started pouring effectively killing the festival and drowning out the fireworks.  For the 4th, Beth and I relaxed and did lots of nothing.
Tomorrow, work gets started on the RV finishing touches and if Norm Bumbieris doesn't completely screw me on the payments he owes me, We may head out this month.

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