Monday, July 5, 2010

July 5, 2010

Wow, The 4th on the boat was a great day. I managed to get the new water filter/sterilizer installed but not hooked up to the 12v system. The good thing is the install fit perfectly and no leaks. Managed to get the boat cleaned up and Beth came out and joined me in the afternoon.
We partied with our dock mates and Lucky took us over to Sunset Cove to Party on John & Barb's boat. We left about 6:30 to come back to the dock to share a great feast. About 8 we all piled into Rainey's boat Hellacious which in a floating motor. It is painted with flames and screams across the lake. We went back to John & Barb's boat to watch the fireworks and we had the greatest front row seats. Lake Lanier really put on a great show. I got to drive Hellacious back at about 11 pm and while the lake was dark, it was a great ride at about 40 mph.

Today should be a pretty lazy day with no major projects, just tidying up a few loose ends and putting all the tools back where they go.

Each day we get closer to being ready to go.


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