Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend - July 10~11

Saturday was forecast to be cooler and overcast so I decided it was the day to get one of the last major jobs done, one I have been dreading and putting off for months. The job, cleaning the main windows and putting in new screws. I started early and it was cooler and overcast. The job was going well and the windows were coming up great. Then the clouds parted, the sun came out and it turned into another hot day. The job had been started and I was determined to finish. I called Beth and asked her to bring lunch after stopping by Ace Hardware to get me some additional screws for the windows. While I was waiting for her, I helped Lyle fix the head on his boat and helped Lucky with his bilge pump. Beth arrived and we finished the window job. After which, we took the boat out for a spin and the day turned out great, especially knowing that the window job was done. The list is getting shorter.

Sunday was a lazier day. I installed the 150' of High Tensile chain for the anchor, followed by 200' of nylon. The windlass worked perfectly and that another item off the list. I also managed to get the new piranha prop installed as well as cleaning up the basement. It was another 90+ degree day so Beth stayed home organizing things to move to Ellijay and declutter the house in case anyone wants to come see it. I took the boat out and the new prop gave me a 4000 top rpm and still 7 knots. Cruising speed of 6 knots at 3200 RPM and considering how dirty the bottom is, that pretty good. I believe that 3000 RPM will give me 6 knots in smooth seas with a clean bottom.


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