Monday, September 6, 2010

Saturday Sept 4 - PARTY with drag queens

What a great weekend. The weather was so nice this weekend it was amazing. I went out to the boat on Sat afternoon to get the new battery charger installed. My intentions were to get things cleaned up but that didn't happen. The new battery charger is installed and working well, just need to clean up all the wiring and start on the new 12V bus for the starboard side.

Beth was scheduled to be in the Peaches Christ show Saturday night and everyone on the dock was talking about it and excited to be going. Since Beth had to be in the show, she didn't get to ride and party with everyone and met us there. Our friends on 6 dock arranged for a limo to take us to the show and it was the best mobile party I have experienced. We left the marina about 10, with everyone already about 1/2 drunk and continued the party until we got to the theatre in downtown Atlanta. What a show, fantastic drag queens and "movie" stars. Beth was one of the twins and was such a dead ringer for the actual cast member in the movie, a lot of people thought it was actually her. We all got to meet Peaches, Mink Stole, and everyone involved with the event. After the show we piled back into the limo and hit the Waffle House back on Friendship road. We got back to the marina about 5:30 am. Long night but was such a great time with the greatest people. 6 dock rocks !


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