Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Wednesday 9/29 - Preperations

Went out to the dock today to meet with Bud of Bud's Canvas who is making my raincatcher for the boat. He needed to fit it to the boat and get a better visual on what my drawing represented. He had made an oversize version of my drawing to allow for errors but it looked really good on a test fit. He will trim it and finish it so it will be ready to travel with the boat. He is the best canvas guy I have ever known.
I took the opportunity to unpack the dock box which won't be making the trip with us. Apparently I had been using it to store a lot of crap most of which wound up in the big dumpster. With the dock box empty, it was quickly taken by one of the dock residents. I still have the battery issue to solve but steps are being made toward the goal.


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