Monday, November 29, 2010

Monday - November 29

Well Hurricane season ends in two days and Second Chance will be sitting at the dock.  She isn't quite ready to tackle the high seas just yet.  Progress was made today toward that goal but still, not quite ready.  The AIS is up and working but I will replace the upper antenna's when i get a chance. I am just not happy with the performance I am seeing.  The SSB installation or re-installation as it were, went very well.  The GEM antenna is up and apparently working well. I have received several weather broadcasts but have not actually talked with anyone.  I managed to get the generator mount fixed without any great drama.  I tested the generator for about 15 minutes today just to check that all was in working condition.  I also ran the main motor for about 15 min to keep it from gumming up and keep everything lubricated.

I have been putting things away, trying to find space for all the crap, and organizing all day.  I will continue "cleaning" this evening and head home in the morning.  The new tempering valve on the shower works great, the temperature stayed constant and I had a good shower this morning.  For the most part, we are about ready to take her out of the slip for a test run, maybe next weekend.


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