Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday - November 28

A decent nights sleep on the boat and woke up to a beautiful sunrise.  It was quite cold and very windy.  The plan for the day was to get the AIS working which entailed running 2 antenna cables from the mast to the starboard aft berth.  That part went better than expected although I had to take apart 1/3 of the boat to get it done.  Once I made the connections I turned it on and of course, it didn't work.  Tracing it back, there was an issue with one of the connectors on the wire coming down the mast.  Replaced that and 5 boats popped up on the AIS and I even watch one go by.  While very cool, it didn't report to the AIS reporting station that would show our position on the web.  I played with it most of the evening but made no progress.  I looked up the issue and it may be an actual antenna issue so I ordered a tester.  Tomorrow will be further organization and clean up.

Still enjoying life on the boat but I miss Beth, if things go well tomorrow, I might head home.


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