Sunday, January 16, 2011

Atlanta Snow January 8 - 14

It was forecast to snow pretty heavy in Atlanta so we decided to head to the boat.  We arrived Saturday afternoon and did the usual grocery shopping and settling in.  The major projects were to replace the "questionable" gas line going to the water heater and install the new valve on the head.  The gas line should have been a really easy job but required a trip to ACE hardware for an additional fitting.  The tools Leon lent me worked like a charm and by Saturday night, the new gas line was in place.

Sunday I installed a new joker valve and an electric valve on the output of the head.  Worked perfectly the first time and no more backflow into the toilet.  Whilst working on the head, I discovered a leak in the output line of the air conditioner water pump.  This is very important as the AC is also a heat pump and it was supposed to be really cold.  I made repairs and it appeared to be working and not leaking.

Monday Morning I checked the fixed leak and there was still water in the bilge so I tightened the fitting more and started working on installing the new toys I got for Christmas.  The LinkLite battery monitor would take some time but I got the face plate installed on the panel and installed the panel backlights while I had everything apart.

After working with that for awhile, I rechecked the "leak" issue and found that it was a lot worse.  The heat was turned off, the thru-hull closed and off we went to find the necessary parts.  Home Depot, Lowes, and West Marine were all necessary, not to mention that this trip took about 3 hours.  Upon returning to the boat, it was quite cool, about 60 degrees inside.  I started working on the new adapter configuration and maybe an hour later, it was back together and running with no visible signs of leaks.  I used the shop vac to get all the excess water out of the bilge and kept checking for leaks.

Tuesday, the bilge was dry, the toilet did not have excess water in it, the battery monitor was working perfectly but needed to be synchronized.  This meant that the 500AH main battery bank had to be fully charged so we left all the 12V stuff off and let it charge.  The battery monitor is a must have and I don't know
how I did without it before.  I finished neating up all the wiring to the batteries and accessories and started
closing up panels.

Wednesday and Thursday were kind of lazy days, a little shopping, cleaning around the boat. 
Returned to Atlanta on Friday and its still a long boring drive although the snow did make it more interesting.
We started seeing snow on the ground before we go to Macon and it got heavier the closer we got to Atlanta.
Traffic was bad so we avoided the bad roads and headed to the apartment.

It was a great week spent on the boat and I am looking forward to heading back soon.


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