Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday - January 30

The boat is back at Sail Harbor and will be staying there.  The new marina was further up river and required the use of a power converter that I didn't have.  They were quite happy to sell me one for $165 which was
a ripoff since I could get one on the internet for $50.  The nicer docks would have been nice but where we are is fine for now.
We spent the day cleaning and organizing. I worked on the antenna connections for the GPS splitter which seems to be working fine.  I have to check on the wind generator connections as when I engaged it on our sail on Saturday, I didn't see the incoming charge.  I am sure it is a loose wire from the re-installation of the arch and generator.  One thing I am sure of is that water and power are precious and the idea of pulling into a marina every night will get really expensive.

The great news is that we put 25 gallons of actual regular gas on the boat, NO ETHANOL !!  It was $4.48 per gallon but I felt the engine running better and producing more power.
We headed back to Atlanta by 5 and its still a long boring ride ( Beth drove ).


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