Saturday, April 30, 2011

Cancun Vacation - by air 2/12 ~ 2/19

For Beth's Birthday and Valentines day I decided a trip to Cancun Mexico would be a great thing.  We had not taken a vacation since the honeymoon and a great deal came along.  We stayed at the Royal Islander which was a perfect resort, highly recommended.

Over the week we ate some of the best food Mexico has to offer and did a few tours of the local attractions.  This is NOT a destination for cruisers. Cancun is the most expensive place in all of Mexico.

We did the Chichen Itza tour and learned about the Mayans. Very interesting but alot of it appears to be theory because the records were lost.  It will still be interesting to see what happens on 12/21/12.  The Xplor tour is a nice "waterpark" in caves but I didn't feel it was worth the cost.  We took a 15' Hobie cat out on the lagoon for about 2 hours and Beth really enjoyed sailing as she had control the entire time.  We took a 75' catamaran over to Isla Majures to snorkel and explore the island.  It was a commercial trip but the Captain allowed me to steer while motoring and it was a nice trip.  The reef was kinda disappointing but a great boat trip.  I think this was the first time I was on someone elses boat and didn't find something I needed to put on Second Chance.

The trip did re-emphasize the need to get Second Chance moving.  We are headed to Savannah next week as Beth wants to get the lifeline net up for the dogs and I need to work on the wind generator and mount our new pantry shelf.  If the forecast holds, I am sure we will take a day sail.


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