Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tuesday 10/12

Well today is the day. I met Ken Andrews with First Choice Marine Transport at 8 am sharp. He was already at the boat yard getting the trailer ready for the boat.

Stumpy showed up at 8:30, a bit early for him but I asked him for the favor. The mast and boom were loaded on the trailer, followed by the boat. Ken spent a lot of time making sure it was loaded properly and strapped down for the ride.

Once he was satisfied, it was time to leave.

The permit had not been faxed to Aqualand but Ken was good to go, so we headed toward Savannah. He said we would get the permit at a truck stop, just before the weigh station.

Hitting the interstate !! Now we are on the way !

We went I985 to I85 to I285 to I675 to I75 where we stopped at a truck stop to fuel up, have lunch and await the paperwork from the State. A phone call to the State said the permit was next in line and they would fax it there. This was about 11:30am. After several calls, the permit finally showed up about 4:15. This meant we would not make it to Savannah today and get the boat off the truck. Beth, Catie and Cocoa joined us about 4 and we all headed toward Savannah. It started getting dark and Ken informed us that an oversize load couldn't run after dark so it was time to park it for the night. He settled into another truck stop just before the weigh station near Pembroke, GA and Beth and I took the camper to a nearby campground and spent the night.

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