Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Thursday 10/14

The boat was scheduled to have the mast put back on at 11 am but they were waiting on me to finish mounting the radome and halyards. The crew at Sail Harbor worked with us to make sure everything was right. The mast stepping was no easy task with all the wires and lines but it went pretty smoothly.

Once the mast was secured, it was time to splash the boat.

Second Chance gets in the salt water.

Now it was time for me to attempt to start the motor, move away and dock the boat. Sail Harbor is mostly side ties so it would be interesting. The wind was a good 10 knots and the current was pretty strong too.

We powered off the straps and headed into the river. One of the guys from Sail Harbor was aboard to help me get it off the straps and to the dock.

Second Chance's new home.

More work to be done but Beth, myself and the babies were happy to be in the water.

We again, worked until dark getting things in order then retired to the camper.


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