Sunday, October 3, 2010

Work Day, Saturday 10/2

An early start made working on the boat nice as the temperatures were in the high 50's and only got up to the mid 70's. I got the oil changed on both the outboard and the generator as well as draining the carbs and greasing the Honda. I noticed the Honda wasn't quite plumb so after loosening everything, I managed to get it within 1/8 inch of plumb. I don't know if this will have any effect on overall performance but it looks better and couldn't hurt. I removed all the external gas tanks and the propane tanks in preparations for trucking the boat. I managed to get several things done on the list and Sunday will be an off day as we travel to Ellijay for Daniel's birthday.
There is still alot to be done but I think it could be ready to truck by next weekend.
Unfortunately a few details have popped up at the house that must be taken care of so hopefully they can be accomplished early on Monday and I can get back to the boat.


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