Friday, October 8, 2010

Friday - 10/8 More Preparations

Managed to get out to the boatyard early and got the interior cleaned up and almost ready to go when Don showed up to finish the Radardome mount and mast work. We got the new cables in for the 2 new VHF antennas and the dome cable then wrapped the mast up for shipping. That was about 1 pm and I took a much deserved break. Got back to it after a light lunch and started on the cleaning of the hull. Wow, all I can say is that Poliglo really sucks. That stuff is almost impossible to remove and turns yellow/brown and is just awful. I got most of the starboard hull done and will be back on it tomorrow. Sunday is moving day but will make a visit as our good friend Ashley with Onsite Shine is doing us a huge favor and waxing the hull from the rub rail down.

The boat is scheduled to be loaded Tuesday morning and should be in Savannah by Tuesday evening.

More to come.

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