Sunday, November 13, 2011

Saturday - Sunday 11/5^6/11

Saturday was an interesting day.  It started with Jerr banging on the boat at 4:30 am.  Apparently she and J had been arguing since 2am and felt the need to get us involved.  We went back to sleep.  I got up around 8 and met up with J. We borrowed Julio's little boat and went on a cruise, talked about things and had a nice breakfast in town.  When we returned J went to deal with Jerr and I did my best to stay out of things.  They continued their fight into the afternoon and evening creating quite a spectacle around the marina.  Needless to say, alcohol was involved.  Not much else happened on Saturday.  By mid to late evening, J and Jerr seemed to come to an agreement and were at least being civil to each other.

Sunday  I was up early and headed into Cancun around 10.  Beth stayed behind with the dogs to take care of some things on the boat.  I was shopping for a few particular things and after numerous collectivo rides, wound up at Plaza de Americas where I almost got everything on my list.  The weird thing in Mexico is that they might have what you are looking for but its never easy to get to or actually find.  If you want more than one thing, it generally means more than one store.  I spent the majority of the day visiting stores that didn't have anything I needed and the rest of the time on a bus.  I finally returned to Isla after dark with my days treasure.  What had taken me all day would have been a 10 minute trip to Wal Mart in the states.

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