Wednesday, November 30, 2011


A mid morning start for a short 30 mile run to Key Largo.  The inside route was as smooth as glass and the wind light.  We motored the entire way and made good time.  We managed to miss all the crab pots along the way, saw a pod of dolphins and enjoyed the day on the water.  The channel is narrow at some points and while Florida has a lot of water, I think they spread it out way too thin.

Catie on deck keeping watch through the narrow channel

We stopped at Gilberts resort to fill up the fuel tanks then went across the channel to Anchorage Resort and Marina.  We arrived around 3pm so spent the afternoon doing continuing maintenance on the boat.  Beth made (Mexico) Chicken Cordon Bleu with ( real American ) shells and cheese for dinner.  We relaxed the remainder of the evening while I looked where we are aiming to get to tomorrow. I guess it will all depend on what time we get started.

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