Monday, November 28, 2011

Wednesday ~ Sunday - Thanksgiving

Wednesday we secured the boat and then headed to the Marathon airport to pick up a rental car.  They didn't have the one I reserved but gave us a 7 passenger mini van at the same rate.  This van is loaded with everything including satellite radio so Beth and I were entertained for the drive.

Gail lives in New Port Richey which is about 410 miles from Marathon.  We left about 1pm and with various stops, made it there just after 8pm.  Beth had never been to their New Port Richey house and Gail has some things from Mom and Dad around so she enjoyed seeing things and getting the stories behind them.  We all sat around recanting stories and catching up.  It had been a long drive so we all turned in pretty early.

Thursday -  Happy Thanksgiving to All

The house of all the critters wakes up early.  To recant, They have 3 cats, a huge newfoundland dog, 2 prairie dogs, a rabbit, a snake and a skunk.  All the critters are adorable and adding our two babies into the mix made things interesting.  It was quite amusing watching them interact.  David, my nephew, headed out early for football practice as they have a division playoff tomorrow night which we will all be attending.  Gail and Richard were cooking with Christine helping for a 4ish Thanksgiving dinner.

We all sat down about 5 for a huge feast and there was HAM.  I love ham and whatever they call ham in Mexico just isn't right so I was so pleased that there was ham. It was a huge ham so sharing wouldn't be a problem.

It was a full Thanksgiving dinner with all the trimmings and we all ate until we were stuffed.  Dessert would have to wait until later.  After dinner we all sat around chatting and watching TV.

Some pics of the critters.

The prairie dogs in their exercise ball, Catie and Cocoa loved it

Friday night David had a football game.  His team has gone undefeated all season and is in the playoffs.  This was the first playoff game and against an arch rival team.  We all went to cheer him on.

Davids team, the Berkeley Buccaneers played an excellent game holding the opposing team, Fort Meade, scoreless.  

In the last few minutes of the game, one of the Ft. Meade guys took David out of the game.

David was helped off the field with a sprained ankle.  The parents showed great restraint not jumping down onto the field.  David was Ok, but will be wearing a boot for several days.  It isn't known if he will be playing in the game next Friday in Del Ray Beach Florida.

Leftover ham for breakfast and an all around lazy day.  David's ankle doesn't seem too bad and if he is lucky, he may get to play the next game.  Christine went over to her friends house for a birthday/sleepover so we said our goodbyes.  We went to Target and PetSmart, taking the skunk along.  It was quite interesting seeing the reactions of people when Richard walked around with a skunk.  

Sunday:  Return to Marathon
We were all up early and went to IHOP for breakfast.  Afterwards, Beth and I packed up, loaded our critters making sure we didn't have any extras, and headed south to Marathon.  The drive was pretty boring but the scenery is nice.We arrived around 6pm then went to Publix and returned the rental car.  Since we are back in the states, the DirectTV DVR is working again so we watched an episode of Psyche and turned in.

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