Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Saturday ~ Tuesday

Saturday was a great day.  Everything peaceful around the marina, beautiful weather and a great day.  Beth and I headed into Playa Del Carmen around noon, enjoyed some McDonalds for a late lunch and just enjoyed the day away from the boat.  We got back to the marina around 9.

Sunday  The Marina was abuzz with activity all day.  Jamie was throwing a party for his wife's birthday and his daughter, Sofia's christening. We were all invited and treated to an authentic Mexican fiesta.  Jamie and family went all out for the party.  The festivities started around 3pm and continued into the night.  There was food, drink, dancing, and all around fun.  Vince and Kristine even joined us and J, Jerr, Vince, Kristine, Beth and I enjoyed the festivities.  J and Jerr retired early and Vince, Kristine, Beth and I went into town around 8 for a snack and got back around 9.  It was a great day spent with good company.

Monday.  I headed into Cancun to look for a few things, mainly a new chart book of the western Gulf of Mexico.  I managed to pick up a few treats but no book.  Oddly enough it isn't considered a necessity. I couldn't even find paper charts.  The rest of the day I spent on little odds and ends on the boat getting it ready to leave when a weather window presented itself.

Tuesday:  Continued on little chores around the boat and the weather looks reasonable for a departure tomorrow.  We are not definite yet as we will not make the decision until morning.  Check the SPOT to see if we are on the move.  Beth went into town to pick up groceries for the trip either way.  Vince and Kristine dropped by, apparently they recovered from the party. We said our goodbyes to everyone as we plan on departing tomorrow.  We are not sure which route we are going to go yet but either way, its time we left Isla Mujeres and started making progress.  We ordered out and relaxed for the evening.

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