Saturday, November 5, 2011

Monday ~ Friday Halloween and Día de Muertos

Monday:  Halloween
I headed out early to Cancun to pick up some new jerry cans and a few other items for the boat as we would be leaving Isla soon.  Coming back on the ferry with 6 big red gas cans ( empty ) and a handful of other things was interesting but I managed.  When I got back I immediately got a cab, stopped by Sammy's Market and picked up a case of flavored water for Beth and headed back to the marina.  It took a few trips to get everything to the boat but Beth came up to help so it wasn't too bad.  It started sprinkling about 5 and rained off and on the remainder of the night.  J, Jerr, Beth and I headed into town to see what was going on for Halloween and have dinner.  There were several children in costumes and trick or treating at various stores and even stopping tourists to trick or treat.   Beth quasi dressed up as a princess and paraded with us but didn't trick or treat.

Tuesday was rain off and on all day.  We only left the boat to walk the dogs. I did work on the bikes as each one had a flat tire.  J and Jerr went into downtown Isla and were told to call us if anything was going on for Día de Muertos but when they called all they said was that the church was open and busy and there were a few candles lit at the cemetery so we stayed on the boat.

Wednesday the sun came out and it was again a beautiful day in paradise.  It warmed up nicely and even though they don't believe in drainage, things started to dry out.  The low spots in the streets were still filled with water and pretty hazardous to navigate. I decided it was the day to work on Mahalo Nui.  There wasn't much to do except put the onboard fuel tank back and take my portable diesel tank out.  The reconnection wasn't difficult.  I put about 3 gallons of diesel in, bled the air out of the system and it started right up.  I put my diesel tank back on the generator and tested it as well.  Everything was working as it should.   The moron that owns Marina Paraiso on Isla Mujeres decided to start putting in new dock supports in the transit area between El Milagro and Paraiso.  Eric Schott who owns Milagro was on it quick with calls to the Port Captain and the government body that controls things like this.  They managed to get one pole set, right in front of Mahalo Nui.  While it wasn't impossible for them to leave the slip, it would make things more difficult.  The Port Captain arrived and put a stop to them setting any more posts while it was investigated regarding permits and the actual legality of putting things in a federal transit zone.  It is my understanding that Frank, the owner of Marina Paraiso, did not get any permits and isn't even up to date on his paperwork.  It is very unlikely that he will get permission to expand and hopefully he will be heavily fined for his asinine and childish plans to hurt the business of El Milagro.  Once the Port Captain showed up, we decided we would head to the fuel dock and get ready for our planned departure on Saturday.  Since we were unsure of Franks idiotic plans, we docked on the opposite side of El Milagro.  When we returned to the dock the frigate birds were chasing something around the marina and were driving the dogs wild which in turn drove most of the people on the dock wild.

J and Jerr went to Puerto Aventuras with Vince and Kristine so Beth and I decided to go to Cancun for dinner and a little light shopping.  The ferry ride was uneventful and we took a cab down to the party area of the Hotel Zone for the last day of Día de Muertos.  There was just the usual going on and nothing special for Day of the dead.  There were a few people dressed up but nothing spectacular. We ate a great meal at Caminero's and Beth did some deals with several vendors but only bought a shirt for Cocoa.  We boarded the ferry at 10:30 and were surprised when J, Jerr, Vince, and Kristine were aboard. We all chatted on the way back and once back on Isla we went our separate ways and called it a night.

Thursday  Another pretty day in Mexico.  The sun was out, a gentle breeze and nothing to do. Beth headed into downtown Isla to shop for the things she didn't get or find in Cancun.  While she was gone I worked on getting the boat ready to leave on Saturday.  I secured all the new full fuel cans and put every thing away to be ready to go.  Once that was done I worked on the ice machine which worked while I had it apart in the cockpit but when I put it back together and put it in the boat, it didn't work.  Hmm, a project for another day.  The good news of the day was that J and Jerr's insurance company finally contacted them.  The boat is totaled and apparently they agreed on the submitted amount for the rescue, transport to Isla, dockage and full insurance value.  The stated they were preparing the final release documents and would have them to them by Monday. J and Jerr spent the majority of the day looking at boats for sale online.  Beth returned with several bags of stuff but nothing to eat.  Grocery shopping would be tomorrow.  Jamie let me borrow his scooter to visit the veterinarian as we needed the dogs paperwork updated before we left Mexico. While the rain had stopped, several streets were flooded and very interesting to traverse on a scooter.  Dr. Delphino took care of the dogs paperwork and I headed back to the boat for dinner. Beth prepared an interesting chicken and macaroni dish that was ok but I doubt it will be made again.

Friday:  Another beautiful day but the wind was shifting out of the north and the boat was being  rocked.  I considered moving the boat but as we are supposed to be departing tomorrow, we could tough it out.  I checked the weather and pretty much decided that a Saturday departure was not going to happen but I wanted to discuss it with the other people that were going to travel with us.  We have quite a little flotilla preparing to head out with us.  A trimaran and a mono hull will be heading with us.  By noon, we were all in agreement that this wasn't the most opportune time to head out with the forecast wind and waves.  Beth headed into town to do some grocery shopping and actually came back with lots of goodies.  Once she got back and the decision to stay was final, we needed to move the boat back to the south side of the dock or be rocked all night.  The wind had picked up to 20ish knots so it was an interesting move.  We docked quite well given the conditions and we secured the boat to the dock and hooked everything back up.  Beth made a hamburger pasta dish that was pretty good.  We relaxed for the evening watching TV as the wind continued and a light sprinkle hit the area. 

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