Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 19 ~22 Almost final preparations

We spent the weekend moving and in Ellijay.  I drove down to Savannah Tuesday afternoon after running a few errands.  The drive was uneventful but long and boring.  I arrived in Savannah in time to get a few errands run but little accomplished on the boat other than unloading the car full of stuff Beth sent went me.  Beth stayed in Ellijay to spend the week with her family and get ready for the big party on Saturday ( 4/23 ).

Wednesday was productive getting the new wind generator installed, the dinghy secured, the grill mounted and the customs and border protection paperwork.  The afternoon was spent organizing and little projects.

Thursday I managed to get the forward boards attached ( These are what the spare water and fuel cans attach to ) and organized the remainder of the crap I brought down from Atlanta.  I really don't know how it is all going to fit on the boat and still be able to float or move around in the cabin.  I think when Beth joins me next week, there will be more stuff sent back to Ellijay with Brenda.

Friday was a drive day.  I secured the boat, propane, etc and headed back to Ellijay.  What a long boring drive.

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