Saturday, April 30, 2011

April 23 - Bon Voyage Party !

Saturday was a party day !  With 3 birthdays and our bon voyage party it was quite a celebration with almost 50 people in attendance.  The festivities started around noon and continued until almost 2 am.  There were cakes, hot dogs, hamburgers and steaks along with lots of beer and alcohol.  Brenda set up the karaoke machine and lots of people took their try at singing.  Its pretty safe to say that "American Idol" doesn't have competition here in Ellijay.  The overall mood was festive with a few sad moments not saying goodbye but good luck on your adventure.  Art celebrated his 80th birthday and we promised we would return for his 85th if not before.  Brenda celebrated her 45th again and Traci enjoyed celebrating her 21st.  Beth made her fruit punch ( almost equal parts gin ) and was pretty well sauced by nightfall.  Daniel, my ever faithful bartender, kept me in rum drinks until he reached his limit and abandoned me.  Leon even celebrated by having a beer but was very good since he was the driver for those who over indulged.  Fortunately all the DD's behaved and everyone got home from the party safe and sound.   It was definitely a party to remember.

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