Saturday, April 30, 2011

Feb 24 ~ 27 - Working on the boat

After our trip to Cancun, MX, we were energized to get things going so we could go back on Second Chance. Beth wanted to get the lifeline netting up and I had a few projects I needed to work on.
We got to Savannah around mid-day and got right into it.
I worked on installing the new pantry shelf which fit perfectly and matched the interior to seem if it had always been there, and belonged there. This takes advantage of previously unused space and gives us room for about 60 cans.

I got the clutches installed on the Genoa halyard and the Mainsheet halyard which frees up the winches for the spinnaker or other halyard. The install went much better that I had imagined and they look great!

The Wind Generator issue turned into a non issue as it was never re-connected after the arch was reinstalled. A simple hook up of two wires to the regulator and that adds 400 watts of power to the battery bank !
Beth got the port lifeline netting up and secured. She took the time to burn the ends so there wouldn't be any unraveling and she intertwined it with the lifelines so it isn't going anywhere.
I installed an additional line between the bottom of the stanchions to attach the bottom of the netting to. It looks very good and is quite solid.
Sunday we both spent cleaning out the various storage areas to remove duplicates, take inventory and get crap off the boat. No sense hauling what isn't needed.
I would guess we removed over 150 lbs of "stuff" and that was just the aft port berth. We will work on the dinghy and aft starboard cabin on our next trip.
We have a few errands to run in Atlanta and Ellijay as well as attend our Spanish Classes.

Getting excited as we are now projecting departure on April 20th, 2011.


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