Saturday, April 30, 2011

Route Planning

I guess it isn't like the old days when you just set sail and hoped you would find land again. With all the technology ( winds, currents, weather and forecasts ) you have to plan everything. Right now, since we are planning a spring departure, we have to decide if we want to head south to the Caribbean or hang out around the east coast until after hurricane season. If we head south we would just make Mexico's Yucatan peninsula before hurricane season officially starts. Most insurance companies will not cover the boat if you are in the "box" between July 1 and November 1. So, if were actually depart on 4/30 that gives us two months to make Mexico. Actually and logistically that is quite doable but may lessen our time to see things on the way down. Still pondering the possibilities and the decision may not get made until we are in South Florida.


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