Saturday, April 30, 2011

March 16 - 20 ~ St. Patricks Day

Thursday Savannah has a HUGE Parade for St. Patrick's Day so we had to come see it. Leon, Brenda and Lorette joined us and we got really lucky to get "seats" in such a great area. This is truly a huge parade and lasted about 4 hours. Everyone we met on the street was super friendly with a few of them being pretty drunk. We all went for a walk down River St to take part in all the festivities. With almost 500,000 people being in the area for the parade, it was a sea of green with all the St. Patrick's colors being worn. We headed over to Hillards on Skidaway for dinner to end the night.

Friday We did some early morning shopping for supplies and then took the boat out for some local fishing. Leon picked up some shrimp and Beth took us out. We motored about 1/2 way to the ocean and anchored. I don't believe anyone got a bite but it was a great day just relaxing. Dinner was a generous supply of KFC provided by Leon and turning in for an early night.
There were a few issues that came up such as the head decided it didn't need to flush anymore but I got it working and will change the output design soon. The bad news is that the wind generator is only putting out 10V and that won't charge the batteries. After looking into the issue, its pretty dead as in the internal components need to be replaced. I will be researching that. Also developed a nasty diesel fuel leak on the generator fuel supply. I stopped the leak and doused everything with Dawn. Just another issue that takes time. I can't imagine ever being bored on the boat, there is always something to issue.

Saturday Woke up early feeling absolutely miserable. Pain and what appears to be a cold and a serious sore throat. I chilled in the cabin with the TV and AC while Beth worked on the starboard lifeline net. After having done the port side, it seems like she has the hang of it and only took here 1/2 the time. The most I did was prep the new shelf retainer for the head. Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow and can work on some things before we leave.

Sunday Woke up not feeling much better. Beth worked on the lifeline netting while I fiddled with the diesel tank. After further investigation, the "leak" was
where the connector hooked to the tank. It appears to be a bad "O-ring" so at least this will be a quick fix. Since I wasn't feeling much better, we left Savannah shortly after lunch. As the date of departure draws nearer there are numerous things that must be done.


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