Monday, October 31, 2011

Saturday ~ Sunday - Moving and Cocoa's Birthday Party

Pictures added for yesterday.

Saturday was moving day so I got Beth up early and we checked out of the resort and the marina.

Unfortunately it was windy in the aftermath of Rina and it was blowing directly across the boat.  As we untied the dock lines, the boat was immediately pushed to port and up against the sturdy pylons that were protecting us during the storm.  One of the dock line was being particularly difficult to release and one of the guys from another catamaran was in his dinghy and helped us free it.  Once that was clear we motored away and back through the channel to El Milagro.  We were actually the third to return to the marina and with the wind, docking was a challenge.  I miscalculated the turn into the slip and went wide so a few corrections were necessary but the staff at El Milagro were on hand to grab the dock lines and pull us into proper position.  As I was securing the stern lines, Beth was attempting to hand Cocoa to Julio and missteped and fell into the water between the boat and the dock.  Cocoa was safely on the dock but Beth bounced off the dock on her way down.  Eric, Julio and the others quickly pulled Beth up and onto the dock.  She was soaked but apparently OK.  The rest of the day was spent relaxing and organizing the boat.  I pulled the dinghy out and cleaned it, re-inflated it and put it back in the water. Shortly afterwards, it began to rain which continued throughout the night.  About 7pm, Beth and I went to town to pick up another Birthday cake for Julio who's birthday was today.  We decided we would share Cocoa's birthday with him tomorrow.  Beth went to sleep early and I followed about 11.

Sunday Beth was feeling the pain of her unintentional swim on Saturday.  Her left wrist was bruised as well as her right side at the hip.  I spent part of the morning draining the dinghy which had collected about 5 inches of rain water and hanging it back on the boat. She spent the majority of the day relaxing on the boat while J, Jerr, Chris, Gabe, and I helped pulling other boats back to the dock.  We started with Mahalo Nui.  We borrowed Julio's boat to motor to her dock and J and Chris motored her back while Jerr and I stayed about Julio's boat.  The docking of Mahalo Nui was almost as interesting as when we docked but overall uneventful.  We took Julio's boat back and went to get one of the boats Gabe keeps an eye on.  This one would have to be towed as it has no working motor.  It was stuck well in the mangroves and the mud.  It took a good bit of pulling to get it out and under way.  The dock space we put it was a bit too shallow so its barely off the bottom and will have to be moved tomorrow.
Then it was time for Cocoa's 10th birthday party.
Everyone came out, including "Fish" which is Bill's bird and of course Sally.

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