Sunday, December 4, 2011

Friday - Saturday

Friday: Since we were stationary for a day I headed out to pick up the rental car while Beth did the laundry and got ready to go to watch David's game.  We left the marina about 4pm and headed up the ocean highway A1A north.   For a Friday the area seemed pretty quiet but the scenery was nice.

Then on to Ft. Lauderdale
 Since it was getting dark and we needed to get to the game, we hopped over to I95 to make better time.  Since it was rush hour, I95 was quite congested and there had been an accident, traffic was pretty much at a crawl.  We took the next exit and paralleled 95 until our exit.  We arrived at 6:45 for what David had told us was a 7pm game, when in actuality a 7:30 game.
David was still hurt and while his spirit wanted to play, the coaches had better judgement than he did.  David would have to sit and watch his team play without him.  The game was a good game and the score at half time was 9-0 in favor of David's team, The Berkeley Bucs.  During the second half David got to go in for one play but unfortunately it didn't make a difference in the outcome of the game and at least David didn't get hurt further.  The final score was 9-17 in favor of the American Heritage Stallions.  It was a disappointing finish to a great season.  We hung around to tell the team they played a good game and to say goodbye to David.  We headed back to Miami, grabbing a late night snack on the way.  It was well after midnight before we got back to the boat.

We decided to stay another day since we couldn't return the rental car until after 9 so we got up and did some grocery shopping then just had a nice relaxing day.  About 7:30pm we noticed a lot of commotion going on outside and saw numerous police and fire boats heading our way.

 A boat anchored nearby was on fire.  Miami-Dade fire and rescue responded and put the fire out quickly but the boat was a total loss.  It appeared to be vacant at the time of the fire.  They worked with the boat until about 9 and then towed it away.  We watched some TV and went to bed.

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