Monday, December 12, 2011

Sunday and Monday

Sunday was a planned day not to go anywhere but get some stuff done.  I managed to get my immediate list completed and Beth completed hers as well.  The weather wasn't as bad as the forecast but I am glad we were tied to the dock.  The winds were out of the north at 20+ knots and it was cold.  The birds seem to hang around the marina and Catie and Cocoa loved that feature of the marina.  When we took them out for a walk, we let them patrol the docks.

We checked the weather and decided to stay here another day as the forecast was wind, cold, and rain. 

Monday:  It looks like Beth is getting better and I am getting worse.  I guess it was time to trade this cold.  I stayed on the boat all day, surfing the net and relaxing.  The forecast was correct, it started raining after midnight and the power went off around 1am. The weather during the day was more of the same, off and on again rain, blustery wind and nasty grey skies.  Beth found a drugstore nearby and picked up some cold remedy medicine and took care of me.  While I was surfing, I located a new home for "Second Chance".  We will be docking her in St. Simons Island at the Yacht Club for the holidays and for a while thereafter while I refit her for additional cruising.  While this is a little bit further of a drive from Ellijay, it is closer to our preferred cruising area as well as better facilities.  We will head out from Fernandina Beach tomorrow and should be at our new "home" tomorrow afternoon.  This will give us a couple of days to get everything settled and head to Ellijay for the holidays.

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