Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday - Making progress, slowly

Sunday:  A bit later start than planned but we headed north from Miami in the intracoastal waterway. 
We are truly in the land of bridges.  All but two were draw bridges that required us to wait, some as much as 1/2 hour for them to open on schedule. 

We progressed 39 miles north today which is somewhat short of our hopeful 50 but progress is progress.  We traversed Port Everglades where all the huge cargo and cruise ships make port.

The waterway is lined with million to gazillion dollar houses with million dollar boats parked in front of them.  Much of this area is very well patrolled and we saw numerous police and sheriff's boats. 

Overall, it was a pretty nice day motoring up the waterway, the wind was 20+ knots on our bow most of the trip but the water was pretty calm for that much wind.  We stopped for the night in DelRay Beach, fueled up, and will hopefully make an early start tomorrow. 

Beth has made her case to continue north while I know Grand Bahama is still only about 50 miles to the east. 

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