Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Tuesday - In Georgia

Tuesday morning was cool and dreary.  The forecast of partly cloudy and warmer wasn't proving true, again.
We set off from Fernandina Harbor Marina at 8 am under a grey sky on what would be our last voyage of the year. 
Catie kept me company, and provided warmth, at the wheel.

A flock of seagulls followed us out, especially since Beth was feeding them which kept the babies entertained. 

We passed Fort Clinch at Fernandina Beach and headed into Georgia by Cumberland Island.

As soon as we crossed into Georgia, the current was against us and slowing us to 3 knots.  About 1/2 way up Cumberland Island the tide shifted and we were up to 8 knots.  We saw the submarine base in Kings Bay and its associated patrol boats.

The sun finally started coming out around 1pm and by 2 it was warming things up, the wind calmed down and it was a nice day.
Then the St. Simons Island lighthouse came into view and we were close to where we would be docking the boat.

We docked the boat with ease at its new home, at least for awhile, and secured everything and took the babies for a walk to look around.  This is a private marina but it is well protected and is a gated community.  We were treated to a beautiful sunset on our final voyage of the year.

As we wrap up our trip for 2011 we will be at home for the holidays, recanting our adventure to anyone that will listen, planning our next adventure.  We fondly remember all the people we met along the way and the people who supported us on this trip and wish them fair winds and following seas, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

We will not be updating the blog while we are on land until we begin our next adventure.  Please click the Followers link at the top right of the blog AND/OR the Follow us by Email link at the bottom of the blog to be updated when we do post again.

We will be updating the Photo Gallery over the next few weeks so feel free to browse all the photos we took along our way.

To All of our friends, wherever they may be !!

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