Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Up early and Beth cooperated by getting up and taking the dogs out.  We got going and the sky was cloudy with a slight breeze.  Once the sun came out from behind the clouds it was a very nice day. 

We made excellent time and sailed most of the day.  We passed Cape Canaveral and the last time we were here was back in May when they were preparing the last shuttle launch. We didn't see any activity today.
As we were about to go under the drawbridge exiting NASA the bridge operator hailed us and told us to abort as he had an emergency vehicle approaching and had to shut the bridge.  We dropped sail, turned hard and missed the bridge as he was closing it.  We idled around for a bit waiting for the ambulance to cross then he reopened the bridge and we continued on our way.  That was the excitement for the day.

We progressed about 58 miles today which is pretty good considering we stopped about two hours early.  The reason we stopped was this was the last available marina for about 20 miles which would have put us cruising after dark.  We stopped at the Titusville Municipal Marina.  The locals are very friendly and the marina is across the street from a dog park.  Beth took the dogs out for a play which they enjoyed immensely. After checking in and Beth got back, we talked with a few people and were told that Chops restaurant was very good and within walking distance.  We walked over with Bruce Senay and Gina Gibson aboard the S/V DreamCatcher.  We all shared stories about our travels and enjoyed a very good meal.  We returned to the boat and relaxed the rest of the evening.

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