Thursday, December 8, 2011

Thursday - On to Daytona

Woke up early to a very cold morning.  It was 40 degrees as the cold front had passed during the night.  I am so glad we have heat onboard.  Beth walked the dogs and we all bundled up and set out.

The wind was strong and it was directly on the bow again.  It would be a full day of motoring up the ICW. 

It looked like even the birds ( ducks, pelicans, seagulls ) were huddling to keep warm.

We were not sure but we suspected these guys wanted in where it was warm.
Trailer / Rv city right on the water
 The lighthouse at Daytona Beach

We made pretty good time except when the current was against us and covered 46 miles today.

We made the last timed bridge before they shut down for rush hour and made it to Loggerhead Marina.

Welcome to Daytona Beach

It was still quite cool so Beth bundled up and took the dogs for a walk while I got the boat secured and got us settled in.  Beth made an alfredo dish for dinner and we relaxed for the evening.

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