Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 27 - 30 FINAL preparations

We ( Beth, Brenda, Catie, Cocoa and myself ) left Ellijay by 9 am with a few errands to run on the long drive down to Savannah.  The trip was long but uneventful arriving in Savannah by 4.  The car was unpacked loaded on the boat.  Beth spent some time attempting to organize things into where they go.   Its times like this that we need a bigger boat but since that isn't going to happen, we have to choose what we keep onboard and what gets to go back to Ellijay with Brenda.
Brenda is planning on leaving by noon on Friday and we will depart the dock by Sunday.
Dinner was a celebration of moving to the boat full time at Ruth Chris and a short tour of downtown Savannah.

Thursday - Major storms across Alabama and Georgia will be interesting as they approach Savannah.  Hopefully it will just be some wind and no tornadoes.  We did get some wind and some ominous looking clouds but nothing serious.  I was able to get some outside work done and with the wind, no sand gnats. The new fenders were secured while  Beth and Brenda worked on organizing everything we brought down to put on the boat.  We have numerous duplicate items that won't be replaced as they get used but they managed to get everything stowed.  The latter part of the day Beth and Brenda went shopping for provisions and even put them away. Fortunately they brought KFC for dinner so I was happy.

Friday - Clear Skies and a gentle breeze.  I picked up the new inverter and got it installed and ran a few errands while Beth and Brenda finished stowing things.  Lunch was leftovers and then it was time for Brenda to head out.  She felt like she was abandoning us and it was a strange feeling to be watching our transportation leave.  We are officially boat people now.  No cars and our official residence is the boat.  I worked on the CG requirements for the head and a few other small items I wanted to get done before we actually leave the dock. We will feast on Pizza Hut ( thank god for delivery ) and relax this evening.  We have decided that we will finish our list of things tomorrow and LEAVE on Sunday morning.

Saturday - Last day on the dock.  I was up early as usual and Beth needed a sleep in.  I worked on the extra water and gas tanks on the deck, Secured the dinghy for sea travel and cleaned the hatches for the new hatch covers.  Beth worked on finishing up the lifeline netting as I did the last systems tests.  The main motor and generator performed perfectly.  We finally finished around midnight.  What didn't get finished will get finished as we go.

Such detail has been paid to the lifeline netting. Every bare line has been cut and burned.

We will post the next time we happen upon an internet connection.

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