Friday, May 13, 2011

Friday - May 13

We spent a restful night anchored just off the channel, as suggested by Captain Larry except Beth kept hearing things and was up half the night checking to make sure the anchor was holding, weird noises and checking that we were not taking on water.
The damage was minor, we popped the port rudder line which is supposed to happen in the event of a grounding. Popping a line is MUCH better than doing any real damage to the rudder. The speedometer which hit the bottom hard broke a wing and a couple of teeth so that will not work until its replaced. At 7 am, we were underway again and for the most part, everything running well.
A series of bridges along the waterway as this is one of the more densly populated areas of Florida.

An interesting trifecta of bridges.

There are some REALLY shallow areas just outside of the channel.
Yeah, the bird is walking.

Catie is a boat dog at heart.  She really loves the boat and roams freely.  Cocoa likes the boat but generally stays close to one of us.

More of the mansions along the waterway.

The final bridge before we docked at the Riverwatch Marina in Stuart, FL for the night.  This is also the final bridge before the locks to the Okeechobee waterway.  The locks only open at 7am, 1pm and 7pm so we will depart around 10am to take advantage of the high tide and make our way to the locks for the 1pm opening.

Notice the lower clearance.

After we docked, I tried to fix the rudder line but the jellyfish were numerous and after getting brushed a time or two, I decided that it was good until we were in the freshwater of the river.  I did check out the actual rudders and there was no damage.  Beth made some great burgers and we relaxed and watched a dvd.

Not a bad Friday the 13th.

So, after 13 days of sailing, motoring and motor sailing, staying in marina's and anchoring out in the intracoastal as well as the ocean we are enjoying ourselves immensely and look forward to each day because everyday is a new adventure.  As always, its about the journey, not the destination.

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