Tuesday, May 10, 2011

May 8~9 - Night Sailing,

We didn't get our early start out of St. Augustine and since we opted to go out into the ocean, we waited almost a half hour on the Bridge of Lions.  Once past that, we motored into the ocean and hoisted the sails with smooth seas and a nice westerly wind.

Departing St Augustine

Just outside the marked channel at St Augustine.
A really good reason to study the charts, follow the channel, depend on your electronics and get local knowledge.  I need to check on the salvage laws because I am pretty sure the stuff on the flybridge would be ok.

The jelly fish were numerous.

The view sailing down the coast.

The west winds were a little light so we motor sailed most of the morning.  We happened upon several schools of fish and today was Beth's day for reeling them in.  We caught a few and then continued on.

Studying the book to see where we are supposed to be going.  Catie didn't really care but Cocoa wanted to help.

Sunset at sea.  about 3 miles off shore from Daytona Beach.

Our original intention was to sail all night but around 11pm the winds were more southerly and we were both pretty tired so we anchored  in about 25 ft of water with calm seas around midnight.  I got to use my parachute anchor off the stern to keep us positioned with the waves correctly.  First time I had actually taken it out of the package since I got it years ago.   I slept a bit restlessly concerned if we were drifting, the sounds of the boat and the sounds of the waves.  I woke up about 6:30 am and we were exactly where we were supposed to be.
I hauled in the anchor, then the parachute anchor, raised the sails and continued heading south.  Beth managed to sleep, or at least stay in bed, until about 9.

A visitor on the way

Approaching Cape Canaveral

Looks like they are getting ready for the next launch

Beth working on a new entryway rug and tanning.

The babies relaxing.

John reading a book and relaxing

Catie keeping a watch out for fish.

A short video to give you an idea of what it is like sailing for hours and hours.
The video is only 2 min long but if you want to get and idea of what we do, maximize the video
put it on auto repeat and sit there for a few hours.

Actually, most of the time there is something to tend to so we keep pretty busy.

The approach to the Port Canaveral Barge Canal.

The twin Bascule bridge.

Entering the lock on the canal.  Many dolphins and at least one manatee joined us in the lock for the transition into the canal.  As this was our first "lock" I let the lock tenders know and they were very patient and helpful providing us with good, easy to follow instructions.  Looking back, it was a piece of cake.

The lock closing behind us.

The lock opening in front of us so we could proceed up the canal.
Beth holding on to the bow line while the level changes.

The ride up the canal was very pretty with wildlife all around.  We pulled into the Harbortown Marina - Canaveral and docked.  They were running a special on two night dockage so we are here until at least Wedneday.  Daniel is sending us our mail which should arrive Wednesday so we will be waiting on that before we leave.  The marina staff is very friendly and we will spend the day doing some chores on the boat.  Amazingly there are some things you can't do underway.

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