Friday, April 20, 2012

Status Update April 2012

Beth and I have been in Ellijay since December and while it's quite comfortable, adventure calls to us both.
We mad the decision to sell the boat, Second Chance and continue our adventure in an RV.  In late February we purchased a 35ft Fleetwood Pace Arrow RV.  It is powered by a V10 Triton gas engine, has two twelve foot slides and all the comforts of home.  I have been working on projects on the RV to get it up to our standards in-between working on different projects with Leon, Beth's father.  One of those projects was working on Beth's Suzuki X-90 and getting it ready to two behind the RV.  We are almost done with that project but overall, Leon's project list is very long and I don't think we will stay in Ellijay quite that long.
Beth has been working on stocking the RV with what we will need and while we don't have a particular destination in mind yet, we are thinking of heading north first.  Catie and Cocoa seem to like the RV and will probably be much more comfortable than they were on the boat.

The decision to move to the RV was one of convenience.  The RV has the ability to pull over if the weather gets too bad and there isn't the requirement to take the dogs ashore with a dinghy.  Also the RV can get to places we want to see quicker.  While the overall motto is " It isn't the destination, its the journey", who wants to spend days getting to where you are going when there is nothing to see along the way.

Second Chance has been sold and part of the deal was that I deliver it to Jacksonville, FL and then spend a few days teaching the new owner everything I can about her.  He has eluded that he would like me to continue aboard with him all the way to Ft. Myers.

So, while the adventures of Beth and John took a pause, they are far from over.  Stay tuned and be sure to sign up to follow us by email at the bottom of the page.

Cocoa has already picked his spot.

We attended opening day at the festival

Beth's Christmas Surprise.  Suzuki X-90

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