Friday, April 20, 2012

Delivery Trip - April 18 2012

Wow,  They say the happiest days in a boat owners life is the day he buys the boat and the day he sells the boat.  Well, I have owned Second Chance for almost 11 years ( about a month short of 11 ) and I can't say that saying goodbye is a happy occasion.  She has served me very well, taught me so many things and provided shelter and reliable transportation.  Together we have weathered many storms, been to beautiful beaches and the bluest water you can imagine so saying goodbye is not a happy day. 

I set sail on Wednesday Morning from St. Simons under partly cloudy skies headed south toward Jacksonville Florida where I would meet with the new owner and provide instructions on the onboard systems of the boat. 
Waving goodbye to Beth at St. Simons Fredrica Yacht Club

Sailing wasn't going to happen as it was wind out of the south and about a two foot chop crossing the inlet.  After that it calmed down and by mid afternoon, the sun was out, the wind had died down and the water smooth.  About 2 pm I came across a group of kayakers that flagged me down. They were tired and told me they just couldn't go on and would I please give them a lift.  It was a group out of Ohio being led by a guide to one of the Cumberland Island campgrounds and their guide had gotten them off course and lost.  After comparing maps with the guide I determined they had passed their cutoff by about a mile.  We tied the kayaks to Second Chance and headed toward their cutoff.  I hosted by offering drinks and a restroom which they appreciated.  I dropped them off about 1/4 mile from their destination and waved goodbye.   I hoped to stay at Fernadina Marina for the night but they were booked solid so I continued to Amelia Island Yacht Basin.  We stayed here about a year ago and they actually remembered the boat.  It was a pleasant stay until I realized I had lost my cell phone.  One of the dockhands gave me a ride up to WinnDixie and I was pretty sure my phone had fallen off in his car.  I called it several times but couldn't get in touch with him until morning.  I grilled porkchops on the grill and spent a relaxing evening.

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