Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Tuesday - Headed to Daytona

We were up early and headed out in time to make the 7:30 opening of the Bridge of Lions in St. Augustine.  We arrived at the bridge at 7:28 which was perfect timing, had we missed the bridge we would have had to wait until 8:30 as they don't open the bridge at 8 because of rush hour.  We timed the tides well and made excellent time all the way to Daytona.  We passed through Daytona at about 4pm and continued a little bit further to the Adventure Yacht Harbor.  The wind was kicking up a bit when we docked and it wasn't the prettiest approach but nothing got dinged and we successfully tied up to the dock.  We refueled and got everything squared away.  I did some laundry and took a nice hot shower while Thomas caught up on some work. 

The sunset was great and you know what they say.  Red at night . . . . . . . . .

We went to the local restaurant for dinner and enjoyed some good conversation with the locals.
Afterwards I retired for the evening.

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