Sunday, April 22, 2012

Second Chance has been sold and delivered. 4/21/2012

Thomas showed up at the boat shortly after noon and we proceeded to take care of the paperwork and banking details. With all that finished, we grabbed lunch and headed back to the Marina.  Thomas had brought alot of stuff with him that needed to be loaded so the remainder of the afternoon was spent loading the boat.  Once everything was aboard, the rain started.  Right now I believe Thomas brought more stuff than Beth and I took off.  Maybe its just the organization as everything is everywhere and there is hardly room to sit.  We decided to wait out the weather on Sunday which will give Thomas a chance to get organized and acclimated to the boat.  He also brought his two cats which seem very well behaved and are currently staying in the port aft berth to stay out of the way and not get into things they shouldn't.  The cats have come out and taken the tour and seem ok with things so far.  Thomas is currently overwhelmed and ecstatic.  After all, they say one of the happiest days is when you buy a boat . . . . .
It rained throughout the night off and on but was pretty calm aboard.

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