Friday, April 20, 2012

Delivery Trip - April 19 2012

Caleb, the dockhand at Amelia Island Yacht Basin came by the boat about 9 am to return my cell phone to me which was much appreciated.  I headed out about 9am for the short run to Jacksonville.  The weather was 30% chance of showers under partly cloudy skies.  It was quite a nice day to motor south as the winds were still pretty much out of the south but had calmed down to just a breeze.  The waterway was smooth and I didn't see but a few boats along the way.  Just before noon I apparently ran into the 30% chance and it rained for about 2 hours but just rain, no lightning so I kept going.   I went through the drawbridge at Sisters creek and entered the St. John's river in Jacksonville about 2pm.  The rest of the bridges are all fixed bridges until St. Augustine.  I docked at the Palm Cove Marina in Jacksonville around 3 just as the next wave of rain hit, and this one had lightning in it.  I was happy to be docked and not the tallest mast in the marina.  The storm was short lived.  I ordered Pizza Hut for dinner and enjoyed a quiet night on the boat streaming Netflix to my computer.

The new owner of Second Chance should arrive late tomorrow for his first night aboard.

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