Friday, April 20, 2012

Delivery Trip - April 20 2012

I was up early simply because I get up early.  That is one habit I wish I could break but since I was up I decided to tidy things up for the new owner who should be arriving later today.  I arranged for one of the local guys to give the bottom the once over since it hadn't been cleaned since about July last year and some pretty weird things were attached.  I arranged for one of the marina guys to refill a propane bottle for me and I gave the boat a bath and took care of a few little things on the boat.  Most of the day was spent watching other people do things as I was in wait mode.

I grilled out again and enjoyed a nice meal on the boat.  Made a trip to Publix and then watched a movie online.  I heard from Thomas about 9 that he wasn't going to make it here tonight and that he would see me tomorrow.
With the weather forecast I am quite sure we won't be heading out on Saturday anyway and Sunday looks iffy.  From Monday on, it looks great.

"Second Chance" at Palm Cove Marina in Jacksonville, FL

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