Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday 4/23/12

I was up early as usual and ready to go but a few things still had to be taken care of.  Thomas had to put his truck in storage and we needed to fuel up.  Thomas didn't return from his errands until 10:30 so by the time we had fueled up and cleared the marina it was 11am.  That actually worked out well for us as the tidal current was giving us a nice push and we averaged a bit over 6 knots.  During one straight section of the intracoastal we put the genoa up and in 22 knot winds we were doing better than 8 knots.  Unfortunately the winding, twisting turning of the intracoastal really isn't conducive to sailing so we only sailed (motorsailed) for about an hour.  Over all it was a very good day as we made it to St. Augustine in 4 hours and docked in the same 20 knot winds at the Camanchee marina.  Beth and I stayed here when we made the trip up the east coast in December and the people here are as nice today as they were then.

After we docked we took advantage of the courtesy car and took a drive around St. Augustine but it was still pretty chilly so we just did the drive by sightseeing.  We retired back to the boat as we plan to head out early tomorrow so we can make Daytona.

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