Friday, April 27, 2012

Wednesday - Continuing South

We started off early again mostly at my urging but Thomas got into it and ran the ship most of the morning.  We stopped a little after 8:30 to get some ice and pick up some fishing lures and we were back on the way.
After a bit Thomas got a bite and reeled in a small spanish mackerel which we tossed back.  We went the rest of the day, motoring on with the wind on the bow and not another bite.  Just as we were making the final mile to the marina, Thomas caught a blue and 2 more spanish mackerel which were all decent sized.  We kept the fish on-board planning a fresh fish dinner.  We were aiming for the Anchorage Marina in Indianharbor but arrived too late and they had closed.  We chose a mooring ball and after a bit of "anchor dance" we managed to tie up securely.  I cleaned the fish and Thomas cooked them on the grill with lemon, salt and pepper and potatoes.  The meal was great, nothing like fresh caught fish served with a gorgeous sunset.  By the time everything was secure and dinner was done, it was pretty late and we both turned in early.  This was our best day yet covering just over 60 nautical miles.

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