Sunday, July 17, 2011

July 1 Fort Jefferson - Dry Tortugas

The anchor didn't drag and even with the tidal and wind shift we woke up exactly where we were supposed to be.  We planned a day to check out the fort and snorkel the area.  We took the dogs ashore but they were not allowed inside the fort, just on the grounds so we took them back to the boat and got all the snorkel gear in the dinghy and headed for shore.  We walked around the fort, learning the history of why there is a fort in the middle of nowhere and enjoying the construction of the period.  Enjoy the pictures of Fort Jefferson.
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Lots of really big cannons.  Capable of shooting a 300 pound cannonball 3 miles

View overlooking the moat, Key West Ferry and anchorage

Second Chance at anchor

After the fort, we were overheated and looking forward to snorkeling.

Millions of tiny fish blanketing the bottom

Numerous Barracuda and Tarpon

The snorkeling was pretty good. We saw lots of coral and fish. Beth wore her short wetsuit and started getting cold after about an hour even with the water temperature of 85 degrees F.  We headed back to the boat, showered off the salt water and took the dogs ashore.  We settled in for a peaceful night, planning on an early departure toward Mexico.

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